31 Blogmas Ideas to Write this Year

31 Blogmas Ideas to Write this Year
31 Blogmas Ideas to Write About | Bad with Directions Blog | Do you want to participate in Blogmas this year but have no idea what to write about? Here are some blogmas post ideas for you to get inspiration to write on your blog this holiday season! From Christmas posts to winter ideas and all around year recaps -- you're sure to find something to add to your Blogmas list!

First off, if you’re participating in Blogmas this year, props to you! This challenge will be fun, inspiring, and also…well, a challenge haha. Many people have been planning Blogmas for a while now, but if you’re new to blogging, or decided a bit late that you wanted to participate, you’re not alone! I decided super last-minute that I wanted to try this out, but hopefully we can both do it! I decided to compile a list of the 31 Blogmas ideas I have for 2017 — maybe they can help you out this season.

For my first Blogmas, I will be writing about not-so-christmassy topics for the full 31 days (hopefully). Even though Blogmas tends to be very Christmas focused, I managed to come up with ideas that are a little broader.

Please let me know if you like any of these Blogmas ideas — I’d love to read your posts!

31 Blogmas Ideas for 2017

  1. On the first day of Blogmas
  2. List of Blogmas ideas (like this one!)
  3. Your favorite things about Winter/Christmas/the holidays
  4. A gift guide for travelers (or whoever else…him/her/pets, etc.)
  5. How to get into the holiday spirit
  6. Essentials for the winter
  7. Your holiday bucketlist
  8. Top five winter holiday destinations
  9. Your favorite hot chocolate spots (or any other spots)
  10. How to prepare for the New Year
  11. Your own Christmas wish list
  12. 12 holidates ideas (get it? holiday dates…hahaha)
  13. The Christmas blog tag
  14. Ways to give back this holiday season
  15. Favorite Blogmas posts by other bloggers
  16. Favorite holiday spirit songs
  17. Your favorite things to gift people
  18. How to deal with holiday stress
  19. Things you’re grateful for this year
  20. Your holiday season traditions
  21. A guide to your Christmas markets or the holidays in your town
  22. Your favorite inspirational quotes of the year
  23. A letter to yourself about the year
  24. Your favorite things to do over the holidays
  25. What you did on Christmas (or your preferred holiday)
  26. Your New Years resolutions/goals
  27. Your blogging goals for the New Year
  28. Travel recap of the year
  29. A giving / minimalism challenge (How to clean for the New Year)
  30. The year at a glance
  31. Your Blogmas experience

Well there you have 31 Blogmas ideas that I hope you can enjoy writing about!

Do you have any other Blogmas ideas?


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