Why You Should Cleanup Your Instagram

Why You Should Cleanup Your Instagram
Why you should clean up your Instagram - Bad with Directions Blog | It is super important to stay on top of your social media game, and that requires to clean up your profiles and following! This Instagram tip and habit will help you with engagement and to get more real followers on your account.

If you have been on Instagram lately, you may have noticed a drop in your engagement: meaning less likes. You may also have noticed that your feed is no longer in chronological order. You see someone’s post from 2 hours ago and then another post from 5 days ago — it makes no sense!

Instagram’s new algorithm has many people losing their patience and hope, but I have been experimenting to try and find what works. The two things that seem to have a positive impact are:

  1. Cleaning up your instagram
  2. Being more active

When I first started my blog a month ago, I had almost 1,100 followers on Instagram (I use my personal account for my blog). Even though I had that many followers, I was getting anywhere between 150 and 250 likes on each picture. If you calculate that out, that’s an engagement rate of 13.6%-22.7%. Which isn’t bad, but it wasn’t getting me anywhere with the new algorithm in place. Every day I was getting less and less likes on each picture.

I decided it was time to get serious about my Instagram game.

So I started with a massive Instagram cleanup

I used this app called Cleaner (for iPhones), where I was easily able to go through all my followers and those I followed and clean them out. “Cleaning them out” means deleting people who:

  • Have no profile pictures
  • Never post anything or like anything (are inactive)
  • Ghost followers (accounts that follow a TON of people but don’t do anything else), and
  • Non-followers (people you follow but don’t follow you back – except for those whose content you really enjoy)

**NOTE with the Cleaner app, you get 50 free actions (blocking, unblocking, unfollowing, etc.) but then you have to upgrade. I decided to upgrade because I had to do a huge cleanup and would use it more than once.

After cleaning up my following, I ended up with 574 followers… I know… that’s HALF of the followers I had before. My boyfriend thought I was crazy, but it has honestly made a huge difference.

Remember how I said my likes were going down every single day? Well the last post I had with 1000+ followers, had 118 likes. After the massive cleanup, my posts ranged from 118-199 likes. BUT, this number was now based off the 574 (and growing) followers. This equals out to 20.5% – 34.6% engagement!!

At this point in time…

I also started “engaging more” by:

  • Liking more posts
  • Commenting on other people’s posts
  • TRYING to post once a day (even though it’s difficult!)

In Instagram’s case it is not about how many followers you have — but the level of engagement you have. Meaning, you need to engage more with others, and clean out your Instagram to have more people engage with you.

**UPDATE (I even stopped posting for about a week, and I am still gaining followers every single day — I honestly don’t know how.)

I now try to cleanup my Instagram once a week or every two weeks to make sure I keep my numbers fresh and engagement high.

Overall, I would say cleaning up my Instagram following has made an incredible improvement to the number of likes on each post and my number of followers as well. I completely 100% recommend it!

Have you tried cleaning up your Instagram?



  1. August 24, 2017 / 12:16 pm

    This is really interesting. I have a few insta accounts (personal, blog and dog) and have had an entirely different experience with each one. My dog account seems to have done well with the new algorithm, as I’ve been gaining lots of new followers even in a month’s absence. I try to clean out my following regularly, which probably helps!

    • August 24, 2017 / 12:54 pm

      That’s so cool that you have a dog account! How do you manage three Instagrams? Props to you! Glad you found the post interesting 😀

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