Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers
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Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Bad with Directions | Gift ideas for Christmas, or even birthday gift options for travelers. Have a special someone in your family who is going on a trip, to study abroad, or loves traveling around the world? Here are the top Christmas gifts for travelers that you can definitely use to get inspiration this holiday season. Make your holiday shopping easy and special!

When it comes to picking gifts for the traveler friend or family member, it can be a bit difficult. Should you get something kind of cheesy? Something functional? What do travelers even need besides money?? Well, look no further, for here is a list of the top Christmas gifts for travelers (which can make holiday shopping a bit easier). Hopefully they can help you get ideas for any holiday gifting season, or even for their birthday!

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Are you ready for the top Christmas gifts for travelers??:

1. Packing cubes

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Packing Cubes | Bad with Directions


One of the most underrated items that Travelers need are packing cubes! Packing cubes easily turn a luggage into an organized, compact, and (surprisingly full) suitcase. Packing cubes have changed the way I travel. When I actually travel with a suitcase, (not with a backpack), I HAVE to use packing cubes because they help me organize every type of clothing, help me pack a lot more, and make sure that my luggage doesn’t become a huge mess later on.

2. All-in-one travel wallet

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | All-in-One Travel Passport Wallet | Bad with Directions


This all-in-one travel wallet is AMAZING. It holds everything and keeps it in perfect crisp condition. It’s especially handy for me now since I have to carry my old passport and my new one every time I travel (for valid visas on my old passport). It can hold two passports, paper notes, your airline/train ticket, and credit cards. You can even carry a pen (which is necessary when traveling!) Plus it’s super cute! I love the burgundy one with the gold plane accent, but of course they have a few other colors for that special traveler in your life.


3. Universal travel plug adapters

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | All-in-One Universal Travel Plug Adapter | Bad with Directions


If you have someone close that is about to travel abroad, or that travels to other countries frequently, one of the best gifts you could give is a universal adapter. Not an adapter that only changes U.S. to Europe or to the U.K., but one that changes U.S. to almost any country’s electric plugs like the Ceptics All-in-One International Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Ports. This can save headaches when desperately in need and is a lot cheaper than buying at airports.

4. Portable charger

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Portable Charger | Bad with Directions

This is a great gift for travelers (or anyone really). It’s not cool to be in the middle of nowhere, or in the middle of your day, and not have any battery left on your devices. A portable battery charger comes in handy for all those times when a traveler is in need of maps, music, or even to make emergency calls. This should be at the top of anyone’s list — especially when you can charge more than one device at a time! PLUS it’s slim and can fit pretty much anywhere.

5. Luggage scale

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Luggage Scale | Bad with Directions


Have you ever gone to the airport and had to pay extra because your luggage was over the weight limit? Well for those who tend to travel a lot, a luggage scale comes very handy. There’s so many times we try to gauge how heavy our luggage is before going to the airport, but the best, most convenient, and most accurate way would be by using a handy-dandy 110-pound luggage scale. So gift one to your traveler, or even to someone who is flying away to college, or to study abroad.

6. Travel-themed notebooks/journals

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Travel Notebook Journals | Bad with Directions


People should get in the habit of documenting their lives — just out of good habit, to be able to look back on memories, and to be able to relieve the brain of extra thoughts. But travelers especially, would benefit from documenting their travels, the people they meet, the things they experience, the differences and similarities they notice between cultures and languages, etc. Any travel notebook could be a good gift for someone ready to embark on their next journey or someone who travels a lot in general.

7. Travel coloring book

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Travel Coloring Book | Bad with Directions


Another simple item on the list of top christmas gifts for travelers are travel-related coloring books! This could be nice for those who love to travel but haven’t had the time/opportunity to, those who are a bit stressed, or even those who just like to color! The big thing lately for anti-stress in the adulting world are coloring books. Coloring is a relaxing activity that anyone can do when they have free time (best after waking up or before sleeping). For the travelers in your life, they might enjoy a more travel-inspired coloring book with famous landmarks or cities. You can even get books of specific cities!

8. Scratch off maps

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Scratch-off World Map | Bad with Directions


Keeping track of your travels is always fun, especially when you can look at it frequently and be inspired for your next trip. Scratch off maps are a nice reminder of the huge world your favorite traveler still has to visit. This map is especially cool because they have islands, famous landmarks, AND each individual U.S., Canadian, and Australian state!


9. A super multi-purpose travel backpack suitcase

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Multi-Purpose Travel Backpack | Bad with Directions


If you have a bigger budget for splurging on someone, try gifting this super awesome travel backpack. It is compact, carries A LOT, and can be used as a traditional backpack or even as a rolling suitcase. Great for those going on a longer trip, or who will be going in and out of multiple cities, trains, hotels/hostels, etc. Or, you could also look into gifting a smart travel bag with pre-installed USB chargers, locks, or even scales, so your favorite traveler is ready for anything.

10. DNA Test

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | 23 and Me DNA Kit | Bad with Directions

23 and Me

Sounds weird, I know. But travelers tend to be more curious about life in other countries, and about who they are and where they come from. Gifting them a 23 and Me DNA kit would be a really cool and personalized gift for them to learn more about their ancestry. Their results could probably even be the inspiration for their next trip!

To learn more about 23 and Me and my experience with them, check out this post.


11. A CityPass

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Travel CityPass Attractions | Bad with Directions


If your beloved traveler is going on a trip to one of the top cities in the U.S. (or Toronto), why not buy them a CityPass? A CityPass is basically a package of prepaid admission to the city’s top attractions, allowing a reduced rate for all the attractions combined and less time waiting in line at main attractions! They are valid for nine consecutive days of travel, so they can be used on multiple days throughout the trip. This is definitely a great gift as well because it can be super expensive to sightsee lately!

12. Airbnb gift card

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Airbnb Gift Card | Bad with Directions


Whenever someone goes traveling (even to the other side of the state), accommodation is always something to think about. A hotel can easily add up, but Airbnb is an awesome way to stay somewhere at a better rate and to live “more like a local.” Gifting someone Airbnb credit could definitely help them lower costs on accommodation for their next trip! Plus, Airbnb offers awesome places to stay at like castles, mansions, hammocks, boats, or even windmills!

SIDE NOTE: Most accommodation and transportation gift cards are included in the top Christmas gifts for travelers list! Travelers could always use extra credit for their favorite airlines, hotel brands, or even for a luxury trip, or cruise. The gift ideas are endless!

13. Spotify Premium gift cards

Top Christmas Gifts for Travelers | Spotify Gift Card | Bad with Directions


I don’t know about you guys, but Spotify is literally a life saver. SOOOO many songs for cheap. Incredible playlists, a lot of flexibility, collaborative playlists, downloadable songs (for when you’re on a road trip or on a plane *cough* *cough*). A Spotify Premium gift card is PERFECT for someone going on a trip soon, who can’t get out of bed without music. Thing is, you can only buy these gift cards at your local store.

14. Money

Foreign Currency Exchange | Bad with Directions | Blog

Of course travelers need money! For plane tickets, hotels, Airbnb, transportation, or even general living costs. Do you know someone who is living abroad and you can’t really gift them anything physical? Do they have a bank account in the foreign country? Then definitely gift them money! They would appreciate you forever and ever — and what better way then to do it with TransferWise (the best foreign exchange method ever), where you can exchange quickly, safely, and with the REAL exchange rate.

If you want to know more about TransferWise, check out my post here.

Well there you have the top Christmas gifts for travelers (or even for their birthday to be honest). 

All of these will come in handy, be useful, and will definitely be appreciated.

Do you have any other ideas for travelers? Or are you a traveler and believe I missed something from this list? Comment down below! I’d love to see your ideas!


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    • December 5, 2017 / 1:12 am

      Thanks for the support Madison! I’m glad you agree on the gifts I mentioned 🙂 Hopefully someone can gift us something special! xx

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